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What are the Street3yes?

Street3yes is a collection of unique handcrafted eyes, with street art style that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. This project consists of 111 pieces. Each Street3ye varies in colors and strokes making each one looks extraordinary.


Why Street3yes?

“The eyes chico they never lie”. The eye represent clarity, creativity and intuition. The eyes, aesthetically are the most interesting part of human face and also known as the gateway of the soul. One eye allows you to see beyond and 111 eyes can build an amazing community. Enjoy!


1. Participating of this outstanding Street3yes collection is awesome and you can use them as an unique style profile picture as well. You can help us evolve and build the future of Street3yes.

2. The utility that these Street3yes come with range from things like exclusive participation in community events, access to giveaways, physical prizes, access to limited edition NFTs and much more!

3. There will be Collaborations with incredible artists.

4. Free usage. As per license obtained and permission from Street3yes to make derivatives from this collection.

5. By getting Street3yes you have also a voice in community and can help guide the direction of the project. We’ll need help from you guys to determining specifics for future developments like next generations of Street3yes, and much more!

6. At 70% completed. Member-Exclusive one Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition Tees, Mugs, Prints, and other goodies.